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Email Your Pictures

Follow these instructions to email your pictures for your sale bill

- Simply email any number of pictures for inclusion with your self entered or retrieved sale bill to ken@biddersandbuyers.com
- Pictures must be submitted in jpg format, just like Auction Zip requires.  Down size pictures to 200KB or less and send more than one email of pictures if they total more than 2 MB.
- Be certain to include the name of the Auction Firm (auctioneer), the Auction's Date and the Name of the Sale Holder (help us to eliminate mistakes) when you Email your pictures.  Do NOT forget to ATTACH your pictures(ATTACH MEANS ATTACH AS OPPOSED TO INCLUDING YOUR PICTURES IN YOUR EMAIL MESSAGE TO US).
- If your pictures appear on Auction Zip, Top Auction or Your Auction Firm Website, we will retrieve them from there and you will not need to email them to us.  You do need to email us the website address where the pictures are presently published and the sale date and the sale holder.
Price of pictures is based upon numbers submitted with a minimum price of 30 cents.

Click here to email your pictures. 
Your email program should open by clicking here.
Just attach your pictures to the email and identify them as instructed above and hit "Send."

If your email program does not open, then you will need to open your email program and send your pictures to ken@biddersandbuyers.com

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